12 August 2011

A day with happiness

A community service trip to the Dahikmah orphanage was organised on 30th July 2011. 50 little angels were placed at the orphanage ranging from the age of 5 to 15 years of age. Most of the orphans are boys, only four girls are there. 80 DiSK (Diploma in Computer Science) students participated to help raise the spirits if the Dahikmah residents before Ramadhan comes.

Upon arriving in Kampung Itik, Gopeng, we were captivated by the fresh kampung air and the mindblowing view of hills and vast grasslands. we are to walk around 3km in order to arrive at the orphanage (it is situated inside the kampung area). We have to actually go jungle trekking to reach the house! It was aweome I might say!

The angels were entertained with games and other activities while half of the DiSK members help clean up the housing area (that includes me). Food are given after the prize-giving ceremony or, so called the cenderamatahati giving ceremony. The DiSK people are to leave after the Zuhur prayer. 

I had fun going there. To bring joy and laughter to the angels of Dahikmah is a privilege. All prayer is given to them so that they have high hopes in living, achieve their dream, and to have a blessed life. 

Sangat susah..

Sangat susah apa? Sangat susah nak update blog when the line is like a biscuit (macam biskut, sekejap ada, sekejap  tak ada).

p.s. sorryy!! 

picture from : segalaceritera.com

27 May 2011


السلام عليكم

Enjoy this picture of some donuts in a box. Courtesy of Dunkin Donuts.

*p.s. I is headed back to univ already. Don't expect another blog post until a few months.

*p.s I've done packing all my stuff. That explains the over-happy-ness. *wink*

26 May 2011

Penang Bridge

السلام عليكم
This post is specially dedicated to the Penang Bridge.

The Penang Bridge is no doubt one of the 
many architecture wonders of Penang. 
Ranks as the longest bridge in 

Asia and 5th largest in the world, the 

iconic bridge that took 5 years to 

complete was the beloved bridge for 

every Penangtes. It marks the new 
milestone that brings Penang closer to 
the world attention.

The dual-carriageway bridge 
connecting Gelugor on the island of 
Penang and Seberang Prai on the 
mainland of Malaysia has become a 
symbol of pride and national landmarks.

*p.s. I've been there a thousand times. I STRONGLY recommend going there and enjoy the sea-view yourself.
You won't regret it.


السلام عليكم

I've been packing. And that's great right? Considering the fact that I hardly do anything at home. So, packing some stuff to head back to Perak. Nice kan? Urrgh.. I'm just feeling heartless right now. Don't ask why. But, the world's turning and we have to move on. Or else, we're just clumps of meat on the surface of some sphere. Decaying every second the clock ticks. (too much said? yeah, I thought so..)

*p.s. Grrrrr! A very ughhleyhh drawing of a monster by moi.